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Fitness Blitz Radio

Mar 21, 2019

Josh Cox talks about Pis N Cox in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

I’m a lifetime depression battling, former bodybuilding, current obstacle course racing, full-time spray painting, fitness Rebellion leading, 90 pounds losing personal trainer from Northern California.

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Mar 21, 2019

Ryan Bishel talks about Champion's Quest in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Shareholder and Athletic Director of Champion's QUEST Athlete Academy. The largest youth athletic development academy for 5-18yo in the U.S. Owner of StrongerQuicker. Digital coaching platform and camps. 

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Mar 21, 2019

Megan Sherer talks about Empowered Bodies in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Megan Sherer is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Expert living in Venice, California. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University and has a background in all things healthy living. She has extensively studied and been certified in Holistic &...

Mar 21, 2019

Kristine Iverson talks about Coordinate Response on Wellness in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

With a background in corporate training and a passion to travel, Kristine spent a number of years sailing the high seas on cruise ships. Once her feet were on solid ground she obtained several yoga certifications. Her love for...

Mar 9, 2019

Sage Breslin talks about Sage Wisdom Institute in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

In the last thirty years, I have worn a lot of hats: I am a widely recognized and highly acclaimed Trauma Psychologist, a gifted Life & Transformation Coach, a talented retreat facilitator, a prolific best-selling author, a sought-after public...