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Fitness Blitz Radio

Dec 21, 2018

Jason Dolby talks about Walk Through Your Fears in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Athletic background: Tang Soo Do Korean Karate(father was an instructor), rock climbing, football, track & field, weightlifting since age 15, Kettlebell Sport 2007-current. After spending three years as a live-in caretaker for his grandparents, Jason began working as a personal trainer at Spectrum athletic clubs in El Segundo. He worked his way up to the level of a master trainer and helped people achieve their goals for 10 years. In 2010 he left to become more entrepreneurial and started Dolby style Fitness, focusing on individually tailored private training and onsite workplace wellness. Jason holds 4 certifications in Z-Health Performance Solutions, and has attained certs through NASM, NCEP, TRX, Onnit, has graduated South Bay Massage College, and has even been through Active Release Technique(ART) school. Jason joined forces with John Wild Buckley and built the Orange Kettlebell Club. John and Jason have traveled to Russia 5 times to learn from the best kettlebell coaches and lifters on the planet. With this coveted information, J&J traveled through Asia, Canada, and the USA teaching these kb methodologies. In 2010 Jason founded the One Hour Long Cycle kettlebell lifting charity event. The 1HLC has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for different charities over the past decade. Jason is currently on the advisory board for Walk with Sally(a charity supporting children impacted by cancer).

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