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Fitness Blitz Radio

Jul 13, 2018

Rich Borgatti talks about Obstacle Course Race Coach in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Owner and Head Coach at Mountain Strength CrossFit, Father of 2 small Spartan Boys, Author of the upcoming book Epic Race Training, a beginners and coaches guide to training for Obstacle Course Races. He started getting into fitness seriously in 2004 after working in the tech and video games industry and finding his health deteriorate at 25 yrs old. Having been a high school athlete he missed that feeling of competing. After training in a traditional globo gym for a few years he started writing programs for friends and eventually was certified by the ISSA in 2007. A year before in 2006 he started dabbling in CrossFit on his own and Joined the only gym in Boston at the time in 2008 around the same time he formed Mountain Strength Fitness. It was an outdoor boot camp which grew to 3 locations. He went full time and affiliated with CrossFit in 2010 and Opened his Current Facility in 2012.

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