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Fitness Blitz Radio

Apr 18, 2019

CT Kaupp talks about Creating An Elite Life in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

Hey, I'm CT! I started my own web business in May of 2017. I worked at my late father's advertising agency for 5 years prior. That's where I honed in on my craft. I realized that what I enjoyed doing the most was 1) designing the sites & 2) managing every facet of them on a daily basis. So from there, I decided to marry those two areas into what I call "a fully-managed website". About a year ago, I niched my business down to the fitness space b/c I live the lifestyle every day. I can speak the same language as gym/fitness studio owners & I know what their customers want & need in a website. My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Sept of 2016 & passed away 62 days later. The perspective I gained on life at the age of 28 was profound (& powerful) & a long-term goal I have is to become a motivational speaker. I believe I was put on this earth to inspire others to live a more meaningful & purposeful life.

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