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Fitness Blitz Radio

Jan 25, 2019

Andrew Berridge talks about Blueprint Programming in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

I'm a proud Husband and Father of 2 (Noah 6, Lily 3). I'm a co-owner of North Head Fitness, Head coach and Owner of The Blueprint Programming and Co-owner of The Blueprint Body. I started Kyokushin Karate at 5 gaining my Black belt at 12 then grading again as an adult at 16. Then moved to Muay Thai having 18 professional fights winning 8 Australian Titles. Then moved to CrossFit competing in regionals 3 times as an individual and twice on a team. I have been unlucky enough to have had a few bad injuries in my time. Shoulder reco 2013, Spinal Surgery 2014, Knee reco 2018, however, they have shown me how to train around injuries and also to rehab and come back from serious injuries.

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