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Fitness Blitz Radio

Nov 18, 2018

Aaron Smith talks about The KX Brand in The Fitness Blitz Podcast.

CEO and Founder of KX Pilates, Aaron Smith, is an award-winning fitness innovator and entrepreneur. Based on the Japanese concept of kaizen (continuous improvement), KX Pilates is a dynamic workout that has transformed both fitness participants and the business at large, which in less than a decade took Smith from $20K in the red to a 52-studio international franchise turning over AUD$20 million. Kaizen drives Smith physically and mentally and imbues everything he does, from the way he sharpens his business skills to the lessons he has applied to his life thus far. He lives and acts by the principle of creating a culture of empowerment for franchisees so that everyone in the KX Pilates rises with the brand's success.

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